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The News

If you're here there is a good chance something in the news is generating a good deal of public interest and potentially collective action. Interest in getting involved and inspiring your fans to do the same is great, but knowing how to proceed can be confusing. Often these events are either a response to a natural disaster or a political mobilization. 

Natural Disasters

Artists have an incredible opportunity to direct support to help the needs of those who are impacted by a natural disaster. Response to natural disasters tends to fade long before the rebuilding has even started. Organizations like the Center For Disaster Philanthropy can help route the funds collected in the immediate aftermath to support medium and long term rebuilding. They work to connect and vet trusted local organizations in impacted regions. They also host briefings and have a lot of content on their website to help with strategic disaster response. 

Political Issues

It is important to be intentional when stepping out on political issues. Start by identifying the most vulnerable or directly impacted communities on the issue you care about and do your research to see how they are responding. Understanding how impacted communities are leading helps to limit the harm of your response. Doing some research and staying humble through the process will make a world of difference. 

Try starting here for some guidance

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